Take advantage of a direct connection with target audiences, build relationships and grow your name in the automotive space as an sponsor at KOTS.


At Competition Engines we can not only offer you the best proven engine packages in Australia at the best value for your dollar we are now a speed shop that can sell you individual engine parts with free advice for the do it yourself engine builder or any component for your project so click on speed shop or give us a call and come see for yourself.

Our main client interface consists of a conveniently accessed and device friendly portal based application integrated into a specialised secure Tier 1 enterprise data centre located in Sydney, insuring industry leading data protection and response times for users.

Motive Research’s own mapping platform allows full screen user interface, exposing the full picture of your fleet’s movement with full Google maps integration.

We don’t over complicate instead of focusing on the tech, we focus on the people.  With years of experience supporting medium to small business we know there is no one environment and each business can have different requirements.

  • IT Support
  • Web Design 
  • eCommerce (Online shops)
  • SEO

Since 1999 FullBOOST has covered automotive news and motorsport events from around Australia.